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C. B. Timpson & Lawrence / Catalogue of Ship Builders' Hardware
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C. B. Timpson & Lawrence, Catalogue of Ship Builders' Hardware

From photocopy provided by Mystic Seaport,
G. W. Blunt White Library
R/B VM/861/C3.2/1855

10 C. B. Timpson & Lawrence, 167 South Street  


PUMPS.--Wilson's, Brushes', Douglass', and others.
Deck and Stove Pipe Irons. Tins and Swivel Heads.
    Cabin door hinges, plain and raised.
    Port, strap, fantail hasps, staples, rough and polished. Copper rivets.
Brass Port or Side Lights, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and square.
do   do  Yankee pattern
Brass Trunk Lights.
Glass Prism Deck Lights.
do Reeded 5, 7, 8.
Brass Deck Flanges. 
do Ventilators and Salt Stops.
do Man Rope Stancheons and Plates.
do Rudder Braces; do Boat.
do Man Head and Stancheon Bands, plain & gothic.
do Hatch Combings; Iron and Galvanized do.
do Step Plates, all sizes.
do and Iron Sliding Door Ways; do Rollers.
do plain and flush Lifting Handles.
do and Iron Cabin Door Bolts.
do raised, flush and barrel Bolts.
do Cabin Door Hooks and Staples.
do Cupboard Catches and Hinges.
do Cabin Door Hooks, on plates.
do do  Buttons; do on plates
do do  Hooks and Staples.
do Screw Hooks and Eyes.
do Lamp  do  do  spring.
do 5 in. upright Ship Rim Locks.
do 3 to 5 in.  do  Mortice Locks
do 3 to 5 in. Rim and Dead  do
do Cupboard and Closet  do
do Vault and Store Door  do
do Sliding Door and Drawer  do
do do  Latches