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Berger 1917 Letter to Calvin R. Hunter
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One of the author's Berger catalogs came with this 1917 letter from Berger to Mr. Calvin R. Hunter of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania:
Berger 1917 letter to Calvin R. Hunter
Dear Sir:-

We hand you herewith our new Bulletin No 13 describing the Raydiant system of Sidewalk Light Construction.

You will find particularly interesting the following:
Improved Lazalite Glass,
Replaceable feature,
Table of Safe Loads,
Isometric drawings and large
  scale detail illustrations.
This makes four of our series of technical bulletins you should have in your files. The other three are No. 10, Portfolio of Blue Prints and Specifications, No. 11, Fire Tests, No. 12, Metal Lumber System of Pressed Steel. If any have been mislaid we can supply you with extra copies.

At present our engineering department is preparing three other bulletins; one on Ribplex Reinforcing Plates, one on Metal Lath and one on Pressed Steel Cores.

These will be sent out later, and for those who desire to keep Berger data and bulletins together we intend to issue a special folder for that purpose.

We hope these bulletins are proving helpful and we invite you to call on our engineering department at any time for whatever further cooperative assistance you desire.

Will you kindly let us know that you have received the copy of this Sidewalk Light Bulletins, either by letter or use of the enclosed card. Thank you.
Yours truly,
Signed P. V. Stonerod
Manager Dept. T.

P.S. Kindly address answer to Dept. "T".